For the Love of Colour! 

Colour means different things to different people and mixing colours together can often be challenging and overwhelming. Understanding colour theory can help decide on fabric selection and give confidence with our choice decisions although sometimes we just have to go a fabric for no other reason than we love it!

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Harmonious Sewing

We will be exploring colour theory and fabric placement with Karen’s needle turn applique Floral Dance Mini quilt. This is a great opportunity to take Karen’s sold out Quiltcon class right from the comfort of your home. We will be talking about and looking at how to pick fabrics based on different colour harmonies and values and you will soon be looking at fabrics in a whole new light! This pattern lends itself to working on two fabrics at a time and assessing how your colour choices look. There will be the opportunity to pick not only Karen’s Floral Dance motif but others too.



Week 1

We will be spending this week looking at and understanding some of the theories behind Colour Theory and using them to pair fabrics together, as well as looking at our overall fabric selection and seeing if we have harmony. 


Week 2

We will start to applique by hand our motifs onto our background fabrics, checking as we go that we are happy with our choices and changing and adapting if we are not.



Week 3

Still thinking about colour theory we will finish our little blocks and start to arrange them all together to complete our piece. Sixteen blocks will give us a 4 x 4 16” square piece, great for a pillow, while thirty-six blocks will make a 6 x 6 block 24” square mini. Still having fun? Go as big as you will!


Week 4

Having pieced together our item we will look at ways to finish it off, whether that be an envelope opening cushion or a bound quilt. We will look at different ideas for quilting your piece both by hand and machine.